Moscow Judo Grand Slam 2009 data.

In this post I want to look briefly at the statistics from the Moscow Judo Grand Slam 2009. I am going to base it on the information gained from the great website developed by Matthias Fischer. nicely summarises the information from events and gives some descriptive statistics for us to browse and interpret.

Number of Scores per Judo match:
The first area we shall look at is the number of scores per match. We can look at this and see that there is an average of 1.65 scores per Judo fight. Men averaged 1.63 scores per fight and women averaged 1.67 scores per fight.

Number of Ippon scores awarded:
This seems easy to identify, but is in fact slightly more complicated than the figures might initially suggest. Looking at the men’s categories half the scores are Ippon; however this includes penalty scores so rather than 90 Ippons, this means there are in fact only 77 Ippon throws in the men’s and 39 Ippon throws in the Women’s categories. That means only an average of approximately 36% of scores are from Ippon throws across the categories.

If we extend this we can remove the Shido from all the other scores also. This gives us for the men 77 Ippon Throws, 20 Wazari throws, 3 Yuko throws and no Koka throws with the new rules of course. This conveniently comes to a total of 100 throws, so we can see in the men 77% of throwing scores are Ippon. Which is great except that if we include penalties, Ippon throws are only 27% of the total scores, Penalties make up 65% percent of the scoring!

In the women there were almost the same number of throws (99), but the distribution is quite different. 39 Ippon Throws, 32 Wazari and 28 Yuko. There is quite a difference also in the penalty percentage in the Women’s categories, Penalties make up only 44% of the scores.

It would be interesting to examine the video footage and try and determine structure of men’s and women’s Judo at this event is quite so different. Perhaps it can be stylistic differences between nations and the sexes?

This is just a simple examination of the data but shows perhaps a little of what we can determine from the data generated by it is a site you should definitely checkout and keep an eye on.

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