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Optimal competition scheduling.

In 2016 a paper was published by Emerson Franchini, Monica Y. Takito, Rodrigo M. da Silva, Seihati A. Shiroma, Ursula F. Julio and myself.

Optimal Interval for Success in Judo World Ranking Competitions” is an investigation into the number of days/weeks between competitions for Judo athletes competing on the IJF senior circuit.

The study concludes:

“Optimal interval period between successive competitions varies according to competition level and sex: shorter intervals (6-9 weeks) for females competing at the lowest competition level (Continental Open), for most of the competitions the 10-13 week interval was detected as optimal for both male and female athletes (Grand Prix, Continental Championship and World Championship), while for the ranking-based qualified male competitions (i.e., Masters and Olympic Games) a longer period (> 14 weeks) is needed.”

The paper suggests that female athletes are competing approximately once every 10-13 weeks.

In terms of athletes development and planning the finding that the optimal is different between male and female athletes is interesting and should be factored into athlete competition scheduling.

Equally, it is worth investigating if your less experienced athletes should be competing more frequently; with the time between competitions increasing as they progress up the ranks.

This does however assume that the increased time between competitions is related. We should research into the subject more fully to understand the area more thoroughly.


Scoreboard activity at 2013 Paris Grand Slam.

Day One:

Scoreboard actions: 1137

  • Ippon (minute 1): 16
  • Ippon (minute 2): 30
  • Ippon (minute 3): 37
  • Ippon (minute 4): 29
  • Ippon (minute 5): 34

Total: 146 Ippon Actions. The data shows that 80 Ippons were recorded in the final record, so 66 times Ippon was put on the board and later removed for whatever reason.

The total number of scores per minute including ippon broke down as:

Total Scores: 913

  • Minute 1: 163
  • Minute 2: 248
  • Minute 3: 204
  • Minute 4: 142
  • Minute 5: 156

The next post will be the overall numbers for the event including day 2.


Research Poster Presentation at the European Judo Championships in Vienna

The European Judo Union Education & Teaching Commission is pleased to announce the POSTER PRESENTATION OF RESEARCH.

The presentation will be held prior to the 2010 Individual and Team European Judo Championships in Vienna, at the 21 of April at the Ferry-Dusika Stadion on Wednesday.

This is your chance to present your programs at the Poster Presentation of research. All sessions will consist of a presentation of scholarly works related to judo. Presentations may involve any scholarly work related to any aspect of judo. Areas are not limited to topics related to the sport aspect of judo, but can also include exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, sport psychology, injury rehabilitation, rest and recovery, nutrition or other topics.

Topics may also include any area of judo history, philosophy, culture, or other values. The audience will be mixed and will include academics, coaches, officials, teachers and the broad judo family.
Presenters, please bear in mind when communicating your research.

Proposals for the Poster presentation will be considered for the program if received in time. The final schedule shall include proposals accepted for presentation as well as an invited program.

The European Judo Union is pleased to announce that it will present awards to at least three outstanding posters based on originality, methodology quality, clarity, and contribution to judo: the first classified poster will be awarded with 1.500 euro, the second with 700 euro and the third with 300 euro.